Data Startup in Mobile Applications – part I

In mobile applications, data is a critical matter: It always has to be available and ready to your users. This is even more true for enterprise applications, if data takes a long time to load, sync or is only partially downloaded from the server, it will reflect very poorly on your product quality. Internet instability … Continue reading Data Startup in Mobile Applications – part I

FFImageLoading + Lottie = ūüėć

February is the Xamarin Month and I was designated to post on the 10th, so here I am! I would also like to thank¬†Luis Matos¬†for putting up this event together. This year's theme is¬†Love and Friendship¬†with this in mind, I'm sharing the story of what drove me to write this custom control. Last year while … Continue reading FFImageLoading + Lottie = ūüėć

Architecting your app http service – Consuming rest APIs

Do you ever wonder if the code you are writing is good? If it is the best you can do? How do you know if the classes you are building are extensible? If the architecture you created for your app will actually make it's maintenance less scary? Well, I believe that these thoughts never go … Continue reading Architecting your app http service – Consuming rest APIs

Xamarin.Forms ultimate horizontal list guide

Hey Developers, happy new year! Let's talk about UI components today! I have been playing around with custom controls, custom renders and other tools to try to get to the best solution for Cross Platform Horizontal Lists with Xamarin Forms! I reached a few solutions and Would like to share them with you! If you … Continue reading Xamarin.Forms ultimate horizontal list guide