Xamarin Developers Summit 2019 – 5 reasons why you have to be there!

Hey Xamarin Developers! In case you did not know, next month from July 11 to July 12 it will be held in Houston – TX, the biggest 100% focused on Xamarin conference that we have seen since the good old Evolve.

Community Driven

This conference is 100% community organized and driven, Dan Siegel decided to put his personal efforts in organizing this conference, after being challenged by David Ortinau in a twitter thread. So if you call yourself a mobile/Xamarin developer, you want to be there.


Workshops, there are 3 different workshops planned during the conference

Community Assemble!

The line up of speakers is just breathtaking, they are coming from all over the world and from all sorts of industries. Check the full schedule for the event here.

Networking?! Of course!

As I have said before, the most amazing Xamarin community leaders and developers will be at this conference, don’t miss this opportunity to meet people you look up to, and to know what the most prominent industry leads and companies are up to!

Extra night at the hotel!

If you buy a full price conference ticket within the next 24 hours, you will get a complimentary night at the conference venue.

I will be there with a whole bunch of people from the Canadian and Torontonian Xamarin Community! See you in Houston!!

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