Road to Xamarin Certification 2

developer badges

Continuing with my experience getting certified with Xamarin University, now it is time to talk about the next step after the Professional Certification, the Certified Developer’s badge.

If you wish to know about the first and pre-requisite certification, you can read about it in my previous post here.

Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

This is the real deal! This certification is the top certification on Xamarin University. This badge proves that you have been to the more advanced classes and succeeded the exam.

Just recently the visual identity of the badge has been reformulated.

from thisXamarin_Ceritified_Mobile_Developer_Badge-small_resto this:developer badges

To be able to take this exam, you have to have obtained the first certification, you also must have completed the rest of the certification track classes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 12.04.52 PM

Differently from the professional certification, there are no self-guided classes this time, you will have to attend to live classes that are ministered by the Xamarin University’s teachers. They are all online classes via GoToMeeting (You don’t have to pay for GoToMeeting’s software), around 30 minutes before the class starts, you will be able to download the access to the class.

If you are a normal working class developer, don’t worry, the live classes are available 24/7, you can attend to classes during the weekend or after your week’s working hours.

My experience

It took me around 20 days to register, attend and get ready for all the required classes on this certification track. Unfortunately there is no practice test for this exam. If you feel unprepared, you can go back to the classes materials and redo the quizzes and exercises, it is a great help!

This exam has 100 questions and two hours long. The questions are based only on the classes of this certification’s tier. For me it was definitely harder than the professional exam, I finished it with only 2 minutes left and scored 83% out of the 80% required. It was close!

Once you passed the exam, you will be invited for the Xamarin Certified Developers group on Linkedin, you will also receive an e-mail asking you to fill your mailing address, so you can get the pin and the graduate monkey from Xamarin University, like this one:

Oops, I failed the exam!

If you fail the exam you can try again two weeks later, don’t give up!

Whats next?

Your certificates are only valid for one year from the date it was issued. Good news is that you don’t have to take all the exams again. To renew your certification you will have to

  • Have an active Xamarin University subscription on your certification anniversary date or renewal date
  • Complete any new or updated core certification classes
  • Complete 6 classes in the current year that you haven’t previously attended (any new or updated certification courses that you are required to take count towards this requirement)



You have to register for the live classes and they have a limit of attendees, plan ahead, checkout which classes, dates and times you will be able to take and register and save them to your calendar.

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