Road to Xamarin Certification 1


Since I posted my certificate on Xamarin Developers Facebook group, to share the accomplishment with the community, I’ve been asked a lot: “How did you get certified?”.

This post is meant to help those developers wishing to achieve certified status on Xamarin technology.

Xamarin University

They are the responsible for issuing certifications. Xamarin University has an online platform that provides classes and materials for clients to study and get ready not only for the certification exams. You can find more about them and all of the learning tracks here

Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional

Since August 28, 2017, Xamarin University introduced the new certification badge. All the classes required to get this certification are available under the trial subscription, these are all self-guided classes and available for free, I was able to finish them all with a little over 1 month of studying.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 3.27.08 PM

After completing the self guided classes required on the certification track, you will be technically ready to take the exam, but to enable the exam you will have to enroll (paid subscription) at Xamarin University.

The exam is 100 questions long, all multiple choice, and you have a total time of 2 hours to finish it.

The score of the exam is presented as soon as you finish the test.

How much?

Certifications are an investment. It is a proof to the community, employers and clients that you can really do what you say you can. As of the publishing of this post, you can get a full Xamarin University subscription for $87,00/month. You can find more informations about it here.

Whats next?

Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer, I will write more about my experience on preparing and taking the developer’s certification exam in the next post.


Take the assessment exam available here, it was a great training tool before taking the real certification exam.

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